What is SYNC Network

We’ve built a more dynamic and robust crypto market.

SYNC Network brings Cryptobonds to the market place. Cryptobonds are a new type of Financial NFT’s (non-fungible tokens). This marks the beginning of a brand new asset class. Built as a platform to strengthen crypto as a whole. A wide variety of tokens are available to create Cryptobonds with. Earn interest on your crypto holdings while strengthening the liquidity of that asset.
Cryptobonds trade on the NFT market place which creates a new speculative market for investors.

power of Crypto Bonds

Token Benefits

Cryptobonds employ a unique risk mitigation strategy. By requiring Cryptobonds to be a minimum of 50% SYNC tokens. This increases the stability of the SYNC token and the liquidity pools associated with it.

ensure a Trustless Defi Future

Adaptive Smart Contracts

The SYNC Network is a two-contract project, composed of the SYNC (ERC-20) contract and the Crypto Bond ERC-721 contract. SYNC tokens have an undefined total supply with inflationary and deflationary attributes through the interactions with Crypto Bond investors.

Trustless Transfer The ability to transfer your Cryptobonds to another wallet address at only the expense of a GAS fee.

Trustless Trading. The ability to trade your Cryptobonds at market value through either auction or our automated bond market maker.

Trustless Proof of Long Term Position. Cryptobonds provide an absolute baseline for a liquidity pool. Liquidity cannot be removed before the Cryptobonds maturation.

Global Community

The SYNC Community

Join us in our Telegram and Discord chat rooms. Interact with others in the community and founders. We are always looking for feedback from our community.


Best Features

At time of creation, a Crypto Bond takes equal dollar amounts of liquidity provider tokens from Uniswap and SYNC tokens and locks them into an ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token (NFT).  Crypto Bonds can be created to produce quarterly dividends for bonds 1 year or longer, or Term Crypto Bonds can be created which earn term interest on your SYNC upon maturation. Term Crypto Bonds are available in 90 day, 180 day, 1, 2, & 3 year time durations. If dividends are chosen, it allows the withdrawal of a quarterly payment of SYNC any time after each 90-day time period is up. When a bond matures, liquidity tokens are returned and all Uniswap fees are still the holder’s to keep.


Supply and demand based interest rates. Interest rates readjust daily to meet supply and demand rates of the SYNC tokens available supply.


When a Crypto Bond is created the SYNC tokens contained within are removed from total supply. Upon maturation of the Crypto Bond the SYNC tokens are re-minted with the earned interest.


Trading packages of financial assets contained within a Crypto Bond brings a new speculative aspect to the market place. A new way to trade while supporting the base market with liquidity.



SYNC Network incentives strengthening of liquidity pools. The idea behind this is the more liquidity that is locked via Crypto Bonds directly correlates to more market certainty for investors.

New dynamic way to trade while protecting liquidity

Traditional risk mitigation meets High Yield

Customise your Crypto Bond to your liking

Cross chain assets through the use of the REN protocol

Token Release


Tokens are available to be minted daily for one year.

Nov 2020-NOV 2021

360 Days

§300 Million tokens available for minting
  • Token Symbol SYNC
  • FRS ENDS NOV 2021
  • AVAILABLE TOKENS §300,000,000.00
  • Token Price Market Price
  • Specifications ERC-20 token
  • ESTIMATED TOTAL SUPPLY §616,000,000.00
  • FRS DURATION 360 days
Read our whitepaper


For more information see the whitepaper linked below, or check out the one pager if you want the more infographic style explanation.

Whitepaper (Release: Oct 26th)

Road Map

2020 Q3
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
2020 Q3
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategic Plan
  • White paper completion
2020 Q3
  • Platform design and technical demonstration
  • Building the two contracts
  • A secure contract is of the upmost importance
2020 Q4
Fair Release Schedule Starts
  • Crypto Bond Contract goes live
2020 Q4
First Ever Crypto Bond Market Opens
  • Layer 2 speculation starts
2020 Q4
Custom Open Sea Page
  • Upon Crypto Bond contract launch a Custom Open Sea market place will go live