Creating Liquidity NFTs for Liquid DeFi Markets

Get up to ~300% SYNC rewards on your locked Uniswap liquidity with the new tradable CryptoBond NFTs.

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  • SYNC_CryptoBond_ID_711_DEXT
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1390
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_998
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1297
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1413
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1577
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_919
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1410
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1212
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1029
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1412
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_916
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1489
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_777
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1052
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_939
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1016
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1612
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1423
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1170
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1241

Create customized NFTs from our partners like DEXTools or TrustSwap with the easy-to-use dApp and start collecting CryptoBonds today.

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Get the Maximum of Your Liquidity Pool Tokens

Introducing Tradable Locked Liquidity NFTs

SYNC Network incentivizes liquidity providers with tradable high reward-generating NFTs called CryptoBonds for locking up their liquidity pool tokens.

DeFi and NFTs United

Gain increased financial flexibility with CryptoBonds, a brand new asset class that combines DeFi and NFT in a revolutionary way.

True High-Value NFTs

By locking your liquidity pool tokens and an equal amount of SYNC tokens, you’ll create a unique CryptoBond NFT that contains all said tokens.

Long-Term Incentives

The longer you lock your liquidity pool tokens within a CryptoBond NFT, the more SYNC rewards you’ll earn on top of your Uniswap fees.

Tradable Locked Liquidity

Your tokens are transparently locked in your CryptoBond, so if you need money, simply sell it on an NFT market like Rarible or Opensea

All you need to know about CryptoBonds

SYNC Network's CryptoBond NFTs Explained

In less than 3 minutes, learn how SYNC Network combines DeFi and NFTs to incentivize long-term liquidity providers with up to ~300% APY – watch the video below.

Inner Values Matter

The Anatomy of a Cryptobond NFT

Each CryptoBond’s artwork is randomly generated and features a rarity algorithm, which leads to over 1 trillion possible combinations and some very unique creations that may sell higher than their contained token value.

DeFi Highlights

Token Pair (A)

This part displays the token pair which the LPTs represent. Upon maturity, you can visit Uniswap and exchange the LPTs for these tokens plus the acquired Uniswap fees. You could also keep the LPTs and continue to earn 0.3% Uniswap fees for providing liquidity.

Tokens on Maturation (B)

Here you can see which LPTs you’ll get and how many SYNC tokens in total (initial + rewards) upon maturity. Once the CryptoBond has reached its maturation date, you can collect the containing tokens, which will burn the NFT. By collecting, you’ll receive UNI-V2 LPTs + 0.3% Uniswap fees, the initial amount of SYNC, plus the generated SYNC rewards.

CryptoBond Type, ID and Maturation (C)

This part shows you the CryptoBond’s ID, it’s maturation date and the type. The type will either be a simple or periodic CryptoBond. IDs ending on 77 are called lucky and provide higher rewards rates. When trading CryptoBonds on NFT markets like Rarible or OpenSea, be sure to check the ID.

Lock Duration (D)

Here you can see how long the CryptoBond is locked. The longer you lock, the higher the rewards. You can choose between 90 days, 180 days, 1 year, 2 years or 3 years. Optionally you can select if you want a simple or periodic CryptoBond. The periodic one pays rewards quarterly at a lower rate than the simple Cryptobond.


This number displays the additional SYNC rewards in percentage added to the initially deposited amount when the CryptoBond was created. The SYNC token amount on the left side is already transparently exposing the total (initial + rewards). The reward rates readjust daily based on the given token pairs market supply and demand.

NFT Highlights

Rarity and Border (E)

Each CryptoBond NFT artwork is created by an algorithm that consists of a rarity system with common, rare, epic and legendary variants. You can instantly identify the rarity by checking the border colour or the small label in the lower-left corner.

Centrepiece and Background (F)

Currently, 8 different centrepiece characters with 5 variants for each exist, like Nikola Tesla warning sunglasses or Pythagoras with a Mike Tyson tattoo. On top of that, there are several passionately created backgrounds and tiny rare elements that can appear randomly on a CryptoBond NFT.

NFT Generations

With each new NFT generation, the older CryptoBond artwork becomes deprecated and is replaced by new artwork. Therefore older NFTs share the rarity and scarcity like rare Pokémon cards, except that with CryptoBonds the bonded capital and real value are transparently visible.

Staircase and Moon (C)

Adorning the top of the artwork, two opposing women face each other with a hand extended to a butterfly that guides them towards their destination together in sync: the moon. The butterflies are the assets we hold. Their ascension isn’t via a rocket but a staircase, each step of the way building on the last. It’s a steady process to truly build wealth. Day by day, one step at a time, they ascend. Our goddesses lead us to the moon while she enjoys the journey along the way.

A New Synthetic Asset


Fully tradable Financial NFTs. CryptoBonds create incentive for existing and new users to strengthen decentralised liquidity pools. Liquidity pairs that are approved for CryptoBond creation have individualised liquidity mining reward rates that readjust daily based on that pools market supply and demand.

Power of CryptoBonds

Platform Benefits

CryptoBonds employ a unique crypto risk management strategy. By requiring CryptoBonds to be a minimum of 50% SYNC tokens. This increases the stability of the SYNC token and the liquidity pools associated with it.

Ensure a Trustless Defi Future

Adaptive Smart Contracts

The SYNC Network is a two-contract project, composed of the SYNC (ERC-20) contract and the CryptoBond ERC-721 contract. SYNC tokens have an undefined total supply with inflationary and deflationary attributes through the interactions with CryptoBond creators.

Trustless Transfer The ability to transfer your CryptoBonds to another wallet address at only the expense of a GAS fee.

Trustless Trading. Decentralized trading of your CryptoBonds at market value.

Trustless Proof of Long Term Position. CryptoBonds provide an absolute baseline for a liquidity pool. Liquidity cannot be removed before the CryptoBonds maturation.


Best Features

At time of creation, a CryptoBond takes equal dollar amounts of liquidity provider tokens from Uniswap and SYNC tokens and locks them into an ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Periodic CryptoBonds can be created to produce periodic rewards for bonds 1 year or longer, Simple CryptoBonds only produce the SYNC rewards upon maturation although may have higher reward rates. Term CryptoBonds are available in 90 day, 180 day, 1, 2, & 3 year time durations. If a Periodic CryptoBond is chosen, it allows the withdrawal of a quarterly payment of SYNC any time after each 90-day time period is up. When a CryptoBond matures, liquidity tokens are returned and all Uniswap fees are still the holder’s to keep.

CryptoBonds reward in SYNC

Supply and demand based mining reward rates. Rates readjust daily to meet supply and demand rates of the SYNC token total available supply.


When a CryptoBond is created the SYNC tokens contained within are removed from total supply. Upon maturation of the CryptoBond the SYNC tokens are re-minted, along with the earned SYNC reward.

CryptoBonds are TRADEABLE

Trading CryptoBonds brings a new speculative aspect to the crypto market place. A new way to trade while supporting the base market DEXs with liquidity.

Meet the creators of SYNC Network

Decentralized Autonomous Organisation

SYNC Network is developed by the founders and has been transformed into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). In this creative crypto collective, the entire community is involved and can decide which direction to take.

Co-Founder, Business & Partnerships

Scott claims to be the “Real SYNC Shady”, he’s a DeFi enthusiast with vast project management experience and a business development background.

Co-Founder, Backend

Frank is a serial tech entrepreneur and 3x founder; he has several years of blockchain experience combined with a degree in computer science and machine learning.

Co-Founder, Frontend & Design

Jason is engaging in the CryptoBond artwork and the app’s look and feel; he’s the proud owner of “true gangsta glasses”, which you’ll encounter in his SYNC live streams on Twitch.

Community, Social Media

Notorious A.N.T. and the admin crew keep a watchful eye on the SYNC community and ensure a positive spirit; he also actively manages the social media channels and their strategy.

Unchained Ninja
Marketing, Growth Hacking

Ninja is a well-connected DeFi and NFT enthusiast who continuously teases the team with his numerous optimization ideas; he’s also a writer and accelerates SYNC Network’s growth.

Crypto Keeper

Crypto Keeper has a background as DevOps & App dev for a Fortune 50 financial institution and created a bot that automatically tweets new CryptoBonds

Alex, Moon Inc.

Alex lives and breathes crypto; he has been an Advisor since 2014 and is a true Blockchain veteran and actively supports SYNC with his experience and beneficial banking background.

Co-Founder Frank Tells How SYNC Network Was Born

“SYNC Network was the brainchild of the three of us. In the late summer of 2020, many late nights locked inside during a pandemic, we would brainstorm how to incentivize and strengthen the liquidity behind decentralized exchanges using non-fungible assets on the ethereum blockchain. The idea of SYNC + CryptoBonds with dynamic tokenomics came after many iterations, and the SYNC network was born. SYNC is a DAO, so governance is based upon CryptoBond holders – the original SYNC team gives the smart contract to the DeFi community as a whole, to incentivize locked liquidity throughout decentralized exchanges, while at the same time providing a platform that fosters NFT innovation with artwork.”

Already Over 50 Governance Proposals

Anyone who owns CryptoBonds can participate in the DAO governance and contribute their ideas by creating or voting on proposals. Take a look at the proposals provided by our very active community.


Road Map

2020 Q3
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
2020 Q3
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategic Plan
  • White paper completion
2020 Q3
  • Platform design and technical demonstration
  • Building the two contracts
2020 Q4
  • A secure contract is of the upmost importance
2021 Q2
Collateralized Lending of Cryptobonds
Sell, Buy, Lend or Borrow with Cryptobonds!
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