Graffiti Kings

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Graffiti Kings are a syndicate of graffiti artists, street artists, producers, makers of any form of art. Frequently posting on their social networks which reach over 12 million followers monthly. Furthermore, its urban space displays acquire an average of 5 million-plus each month.

We look forward to the network effect this partnership will forge. With plans to offer a series of Limited Edition CryptoBonds, these auctions will be extremely limited and the Graffiti Kings artwork features our very first animated CryptoBond NFTs.

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‎️‍🔥AUCTION FOR #2, #3, #4 and #5 of #5 IS PENDING‎️‍🔥


Become the Proud Owner of a Limited Edition Cryptobond

Exclusive NFT Artwork Made by Graffiti Kings

[sv slug=”sc-page-title”] exclusively designed unique artwork for SYNC Network and we’ve turned it into very rare Limited Edition CryptoBond NFTs, which will be auctioned on Rarible and supported by a big event.

Join the NFT Party in Decentraland

The SYNC team and special guest star Darren from the Graffiti Kings will be hosting the first of many Decentraland events on Thursday, April 15th at 10 PM UTC. Join our NFT exposition in Decentraland’s Tominoya Casino, which will be live-streamed on Twitch. Win CryptoBond prizes totalling $2500 and participate in the auction to become a proud owner of the first Limited Edition CryptoBonds ever made. All details can be found in our recent announcement.

Streetart Meets Crypto

Watch how the Graffiti Kings create breathtaking art for the Youtuber Crypto Crow as a grateful gesture for his great Cardano trading calls.

We Are Collaborating With the Best NFT Artists

Discover All Limited Edition CryptoBonds

What is a Limited Edition CryptoBond?

  • Ultra-Rare CryptoBonds to be auctioned on Rarible
  • First animated CryptoBonds
  • All original art designed specifically for the CryptoBond
  • Increased CryptoBond liquidity and Tradability
  • Artist inspired designs
  • The most desirable CryptoBond classification
  • Various artists – we have artists with over 2 million followers ready to create!

What are the Benefits to Artists?

  • Stand out from the competition
  • Up and coming artists can now financially back their NFTs
  • Designed to empower artists – We will be featuring up and coming artworks
  • Introduces a new product to the market
  • Make more sales
  • Expansion of Artists audience
  • Increased brand awareness among DeFi community


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Alexandra Rubio

Alexandra Rubio is a Californian artist and illustrator who paints the experiences she has had interacting with nature. Through bold colors and whimsical linework, she captures the chaotic energy associated...
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