SYNC Locks Liquidity in Tradable NFTS

SYNC Network was designed to help projects strengthen their liquidity pools by locking the liquidity pool tokens in tradable NFTs called CryptoBonds. This way, CryptoBond owners can still trade the locked liquidity without disrupting your liquidity pool.

We are proud of our awesome partnerships listed below, are you the next one?

  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1699
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_919
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1593
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_ID_711_DEXT
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1390
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_998
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1655
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1297
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1677
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1577
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1651
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1413
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1410
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1212
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1029
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1412
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_916
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1489
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1650
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_777
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1052
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_939
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1691
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1016
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1612
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1423
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1170
  • SYNC_CryptoBond_NFT_ID_1241
Create Your Own Cryptobond NFTs

Make Your Crypto Project Liquid Now

Become a SYNC partner and reward your community for providing and locking liquidity without diluting your own tokens. We love partnerships and you will too once you see the wide range of benefits.

Get awareness in the NFT space

Benefit from our reach and get marketed to users of many other projects

No coding required

No additional work for your developers as we integrate you into our platform

No rug pull possible

Create confidence in your project with SYNC as a third party liquidity locker

Strengthen your liquidity long-term

With SYNC your liquidity is locked for fixed periods from 3 months to 3 years

Incentivize your users

Rewards for locking liquidity will be provided in SYNC, so your own token won’t be diluted

Tradable locked liquidity

Your users can sell the locked liquidity any time on secondary NFT markets without disrupting your liquidity pool

Take a look at our achievements

Join the Growing SYNC Network

We collaborate with well-known crypto projects like DEXTools, TrustSwap, AMPNet and more, all of which have been carefully vetted by us. AMPNet for example, have 8% of their liquidity locked in just 24 hours after their customized CryptoBonds went live.


Total Liquidity Locked


CryptoBonds Created


Pro Partners Onboarded

SYNC Network has been successfully audited by CoinFabrik

Let's get started

Sync Network Awaits You

Simply lock in liquidity or go for the Pro packages and get customized CryptoBond NFTs and the whole marketing package on top. Do you have an idea how we can benefit from each other? Let’s get in touch and talk about it.

Feature Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Create CryptoBonds
Lock your liquidity in CryptoBond NFTs without any coding required on your side.
Customized CryptoBond Artwork
Our artists will create carefully thought out, unique artwork for your project.
Reward your users with your own tokens to boost CryptoBond creation
Your users can be rewarded in both SYNC and your tokens when they lock liquidity for additional incentives
Marketing initiatives
Partnership announcements, AMA with the SYNC team, social media shares, live stream on Twitch and more.
Partnership with additional features / use cases
Adding custom features or use cases based on our discussion.

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