v2.8 New Years Update

Happy New Year!πŸŽ‰

As we ring in the New Year, we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of the SYNC Network’s dApp Version 2.8!
This update is hot on the heels of v2.7 and a testament to our continuous commitment to enhancing your experience.
We thank each one of you, our dedicated Syncronauts and Timelords, for being an integral part of this evolution.

What’s up with Version 2.8?

  • Bug Fixes & UX Enhancements:
    Improved UI for a liquidity focused year of growth and seamless user experience.

  • New Bond Estimator with APY Calculations:
    Β  Β  Β Plan your investments with precision.
  • Fixed Maturity Timer:
    Β  Β  Β Now track your CryptoBond’s maturity accurately.
  • Faster Chain RPC Endpoints:
    Quicker responses, smoother interactions.
  • Rarity Level Colors:
    Enjoy a more vibrant and informative dApp.

  • ⛓️ Multichain Detection:
    Our dApp now smartly notifies you to switch back to Ethereum if you’re off-track.
  • Memory Leak & Display Bug Fixes:
    Enhanced stability and display for Dynamic CryptoBonds.
  • CryptoBond Portfolio Sorted by ID:
    Easily navigate through your investments by sorting your portfolio

  • Supply Charts with Rolling 12-Day Data:
    Faster, more relevant data for better decision-making.

  • Simplified BondBuilder:
    Streamlining your CryptoBond creation process by removing the Dividend Options.

A Fresh Start to 2024!

      1. Version 2.8: Refined, Enhanced, and User-Friendly.
      2. πŸ” User Experience at Forefront: Every detail refined for your convenience.

Join Us in Making 2024 a Landmark Year! As we step into this promising new year, let’s spread the word and share our excitement. Your enthusiasm and support are what make SYNC Network truly stand out.

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Note to the Bravest Souls in the Metaverse: our Valued Syncronauts and Timelords:
Let’s leap into 2024 with renewed energy and excitement, making this year a milestone in our collective journey with the SYNC Network! Have a safe and happy New Years everyone!

If anyone knows where we can be hosted for AMA’s please reach out in the Space Station as we’re getting ready to make some very big announcements soon.

Together, We Soar Higher!

Let’s make 2024 the year SYNC Network becomes a household name in the world of DeFi!

Cheers to a Prosperous New Year!


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